Statement of Service

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I have been active in the area of service during my 8+ years as a college professor. At UNF, I serve as the area coordinator for the string area, I am on the University Athletic Committee, I coordinate admissions between our department and admissions, and I served as special events coordinator for my first five years. Outside of UNF, I am a frequent performing artist for the Riverside Fine Arts Associations outreach program (Project Listen), I am special projects chair for Florida’s American String Teachers Association, I have judged many contests, and I have helped raise money for our department through fundraising, establishing scholarships, and receiving grants.

Departmental Area Coordinator

In 2011, my colleagues, the chair, and the dean supported my appointment as area coordinator of the string area. Coordinators have regular meetings each month to discuss a range of issues including admissions, scholarship, creating a department online application, improving communication with adjuncts, out of state tuition waivers, practice room space, and helping to reduce the COAS budget by implementing changes to teaching loads and courses.

University Committees

Departmental Special Events Coordinator

My role as Special Events Coordinator for my department allowed me to help the University gain positive visibility with community college teachers and students and high school conductors throughout the state. My main project in this role was coordinating the Florida Community College Music Symposium for the first three years I was at UNF. This event, which involved over 300 community college music students on our campus over a three-day period each year, has enhanced UNF’s image with all of the community colleges in attendance. In particular, it has benefited the department’s voice and string areas by motivating many of the most talented visiting students to audition for UNF’s Department of Music and attend UNF.

In 2008, I coordinated the Florida Bandmasters Association North State Performance Assessment. My role involved reserving spaces, coordinating the arrival and departure of over 50 buses, greeting band directors, coordinating stage crew and student volunteers, and helping the groups and directors get acquainted with our music facility so that the performances, clinics, and rehearsals could happen in a timely manner. This three-day event provided excellent visibility for our department and it brought prospective high school students onto our campus.

Professional Memberships and Leadership

In the state of Florida, I was elected as the special projects chair for the American String Teachers Association (ASTA) and am a member of the Florida Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), Federation of Music Clubs, the College Music Society (CMS), and the Internet Cello Society. My role with ASTA is especially significant in that I had the unique honor of choosing the commissioned composer to write a piece for the 2009 All-State orchestra held in Tampa at the Florida Music Educators Conference.

Riverside Fine Arts Association (RFAA)

Within the Jacksonville area, one of the meaningful projects I am involved with is my partnership with The Riverside Fine Arts Association’s (RFAA) Project Listen. This partnership involves visiting schools and introducing young people to string instruments by performing and talking about the composers, repertoire, and anything else that young people might find interesting about classical music. I typically do about ten of these performances per school year. RFAA has a chamber music concert series where they bring in internationally renowned artists from around the world. My partnership with RFAA has thus led to master classes for our music students in which an expert in the field of music shares their expertise with students and audience members.


I have been fortunate to adjudicate a number of different events in my first five years in Jacksonville. As a respected member of collegiate string faculty in the state, I judged the seating for the All-State Orchestra in 2008 and 2009, the Jacksonville Youth Symphony Concerto Competition in 2008, and the Brass Ring competition in Ponte Vedra (2008–2011). Judging the All-State seating and other contests boosts the string program and my professional profile in the region. In 2011 I was invited by the faculty at the University of Florida to judge their student concerto competition. In addition to this adjudication, I have consistently given master classes and free private training at high schools around the state and region to recruit students. All of these activities have made me and UNF more visible to prospective students.

Deermeadows Scholarship

Another significant achievement has been to help establish the Deermeadows scholarships for music students at UNF. These scholarships involve the students playing in an orchestra at Deermeadows Baptist Church and the scholarship recipients receive more than $2,000 each per year ($1,500 goes towards tuition and the remainder goes towards gas and travel money). This began with two scholarships and carefully selected students who represented UNF in a positive manner. One of the first UNF students to take part in this scholarship opportunity was my cello student Brittany Maroney. Because of the way that Brittany and other students performed and conducted themselves, I was able to negotiate three additional scholarships for the 2009–2010 academic year. Deermeadows currently awards five scholarships which adds over $10,000 of funding for our students each year.

UNF Cello Fund

Along with this scholarship development and due to limited DOM resources, I have created a cello fund to bring in guest artists. The fund was established in 2008 and I have raised more than $10,000 dollars thus far. My cello fund exists because of private donations made in support of my goal of bettering the string area and ultimately the reputation of the DOM by bringing in world class guest cellists and chamber musicians to work with our students. It also covers piano fees that are incurred when students play in these master class settings.


Through my work coordinating the FCC Symposium and the FBA event, I have had the chance to improve not just my area but the entire department. Hosting the FCC Symposium for three years has boosted both the quality and size of the department. Further, the impression we made on the community college directors, teachers, and their current students will have a long-lasting positive influence. It is fulfilling to give back to the community and introduce young people to music through Project Listen, an effort I continue to support and promote. My role as liaison between the DOM and admissions has been incredibly important. Incoming students are receiving more financial support and students are no longer falling through the cracks due to lack of communication. I believe that my students and colleagues will agree that I am always eager to do anything that will make our department stronger.

In my five years of active service at UNF, I believe my work and commitment have moved our music program to a deeper relationship with the community; improved our visibility with prospective students and their teachers around the State of Florida, and benefited university students with additional scholarship funds and musical opportunities. We have a solid platform on which to build an even stronger department and program.